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Grant Boerner is an award winning artist and writer.  He has worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry on numerous films (Maidaan / School of Rock / Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life) and documentaries (Don't Say No Until I Finish Talking: The Story of Richard D. Zanuck / A Night at the Movies: The Horrors of Stephen King.)



Ashley Wilcox's passion is advocating for accessible and affordable education, particularly tied to agricultural literacy and workforce development.  She seeks to bridge the gaps through her professional career and volunteer time. She works in development and engagement for the College of Agricultural Sciences at Colorado State University.



Rachael Mild is a senior at Colorado State University studying Journalism and Media Production.  She moved to Fort Collins from Lincoln, Nebraska to get her degree. She enjoys filming live music and all things visual storytelling.  As a producer, Rachael has provided her input and perspective on shoots as well as behind the scenes editing.



Melanie Chaffey is a third year student majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. Currently pursuing a career in filmmaking, Melanie has worked on several short films and written/directed two narrative shorts. Melanie is excited to see her growth as a filmmaker and for the future opportunities in her growing career.



Kevin Kirchner is an award winning producer, cinematographer and photographer.  Kevin's passion stems from his work with recording studios  and countless bands locally and nationally including Rise Against, Descendents and Alkaline Trio, including Filmage - The Story of Descendents. For over 25 years Kevin & John have been creative partners working on films, television and music videos together.



Ella Peters is a student of Natural Resource Tourism with a minor in Music, Stage, and Sports Production graduating in 2025. Passionate about film and photography, Ella runs a photography business and has worked editing video and photos commercially. Ella hopes to one day make her own documentaries about outdoor adventures and skiing.



Samantha DeMers is a Journalism and Media Communications student at CSU graduating in Spring of 2023. Having run her own photography business for 6 years she is well versed in camera work. Looking forward she is excited to get some filming experience before soon graduating.



Emmanuelle Abel grew up in San Diego California and moved to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University, where she is now a senior studying Marketing and Music Business. She loves live production from music to film. As a member of the marketing crew, She brings a creative perspective into promotion and has her sights set on getting the word out.



Lyuben Kraev is a Journalism and Media Communication major with a Film Studies minor graduating from CSU in Spring of 2023. With years of experience in journalistic writing and multimedia, he now pursues a career in filmmaking, having shot and directed several shorts. Helping tell Temple’s story inspires Lyuben to grow as a student of the visual arts.



Tyler Naretto is an undergraduate studying Business Administration with a concentration in marketing graduating in 2023. Tyler’s experience in making films began with ski runs shot on GoPros and has evolved into a passion for outdoor adventurous filmmaking which he seeks to find a career in.



Jacob Faulkner is an undergraduate Computer Science student with minors in Music and Design Thinking graduating in 2023. Jacob brings many technological skills to the team. Hoping to one day be involved in the entertainment industry he excited to learn as much as he can.



Andrew Campbell is an editor with a passion for design and animation. He lives in Buffalo, NY with his wife, Alyssa. When he’s not at his computer working, you can find him hiking, biking, running, drumming, or watching a movie. 



Lexi Runnels is an undergraduate studying Equine Sciences and Art graduating in 2024. After working as a sports videographer for her high school basketball and football teams Lexi is an experienced camera operator. Inspired by Temple many years ago Lexi chose CSU to get closer to her hero and she is excited to learn more from Temple throughout the making of the film.

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